Visualizing Biospheria

Visualizing Biospheria:
Biospheres 2.5 min.loop
Evolution 1 min. loop
Closed Systems 1 min. loop

Mini-DV, 2001
Biosphere 2 was touted on its launch in 1991 as a “living art form” in addition to being a prototype Mars colony and a vehicle for investigating holistic theories of ecology. The project quickly became embroiled in controversy with the “discovery” by investigative journalists that the project’s founders were not “real” scientists but rather a theater company/commune with alleged cult tendencies. Eventually, its owner, Ed Bass, hired Columbia University to manage the facility as a more conventional hard science research center. It is also a popular tourist attraction.

Biospheria, An Environmental Opera, was created by Steve Ausbury and Anthony Burr, and performed in March 2001 at UCSD.  Animations for Biospheria were created by Rachel Mayeri as a scene for the opera.  The music for the loops was composed by Anthony Burr.

“Visualizing Biospheria” was also a video installation for gardenLAb, showing loops of environmental degradation and rejuvenation, and the cycles of energy and material exchange in the closed system of the office park.

Biospheria: An Environmental Opera
Biosphere 2

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